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Wayside cross - Fieldcross - Wayside shrine

Every wayside cross is unique.

Every field cross is manufactured individually according to your wishes and specifications. You can choose the size, type of wood, shape, roof made of copper, brass or wood shingles. Oak and larch are very weather resistant types of wood. I personally prefer to use antique spruce or oak wood, because it gives the field cross a special touch. The Christ figurine can be chosen from various style periods, such as Romanic, Rococo, Baroque or Modern. Fastening systems and assembly are also offered in due time.

Quality characteristics:

- 100% Hand-made - no components oder even machine work
- only weather resistant wood, e.g. oak, arolla pine, robinia
- Corpus made of one piece, no glued joint - only arms are glued on
- Glueing only with D4 glue - DIN Standard for outdoor use!
- Use of ash wood dowels - in no case beechwood dowels
- I only use native wood - CO2 sustainability
- Master craft workshop with guaranteed trade quality!

Wayside cross

Wayside cross made from larch wood with Christ and Madonna

Price: 1990,-
Height 220 cm
Width 90 cm

Wayside cross - Memorial

Wayside cross and Christ made from solid oak

Price: 2990,-
Height 220 cm
Width 100 cmcovered with oak wood shingles

Wayside cross - Memorial

Wayside shrine made from oak

Price: 2200,-

Wayside shrine - Model Palling

Celtic Cross made from larch

Price: 980,-
Height 120 cm
Width 76 cm

Celtic Cross

Modern grave sculpture made from robinia and brass

Price: 2950,-

Grave sculpture - Modern

Wayside cross made from matured timber with romanic Christ

Wayside cross

Cast iron wayside cross

I expertly restored the original antique cross and gold-plated it with 23 carat gold. Price : 1250,- Metal cross Nr.1 order here

Tomb casted Tomb antique

Wooden Christ - Orginal antique

Single piece - for sale, Height 140 cm, Width 130 cm - 3200,- Order Christ here

Wooden Christ

Christ with rays of light

Wayside cross Janson

Wayside cross before restoration

Wayside cross Chiemsee

Wayside cross 3 years after restoration

Wayside cross Chiemgau

Wayside cross before restoration with ultramarine background

Wayside cross - all hand-made

Simple wayside cross -
overgrown with ivy

Wayside cross

Cast iron Christ after restoration

Wayside cross Janson

Neo-Gothic wayside cross - restored

Wayside cross Chiemsee

Wayside cross in front of 3 thuja trees

Wayside cross Chiemgau

A field cross with a tree as background always looks good!

Wayside cross from Bavaria

Wayside cross made from larch wood

Field cross

Wayside cross made from driftwood

Field cross Janson

Wayside cross made from oak

Field cross from Bavaria

Gravesite cross

Field cross Chiemgau