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Hubert Janson - Master wood sculptor & carver

Since 1994 my self-employment as wood sculptor and painter has been fulfilling me – the key aspects of activity being the manufacturing of Figurines und Ornaments / Furniture ornaments, Restoration of rustic furniture and furniture, Maypole figurines, sculpture and drum building courses
Born in Traunstein on June, 03, 1965 I grew up in Seeon/Chiemgau with my two sisters and two brothers. I got in contact with my element – wood – through our parental business and my vocation to become a wood sculptor and carver could develop at an early age. I did an apprenticeship to become a sculptor with the company Gstoettner from 1980 until 1983 and graduated at the Chamber of Commerce as top of the class, first place in a state competition and third place in a national competition. Until 1988 I was partner in the Janson GmbH, carpenters shop in Seeon. My duties there were working as wood sculptor, manufacturing of figurines and furniture ornaments, introduction and development of retail trades for carvings. In 1990 I graduated from master school with the degree as Master Wood sculptor. In 1989 I organized a sculpture symposium in Seeon. Since 2006 I have been lecturing at the VHS and at the “Wildkogel Academy” (Boesner Corporation). I also hold sculpture courses at my studio regularly.

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