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Maypole - Maypole figurines

Carved maypole figurines and maypole plaques

  • Design and manufacturing of plaques and figurines for maypoles according to your specifications
  • Painted figurines made from wood or aluminium
  • Carved maypole figurines
  • I will also give you "Know-how", for example how to fasten the figurines to the maypole
  • Fittings and fixtures for fastening
  • Painting of the maypole (for example Bavarian diamond pattern)
  • Maypole figurines and plaques

    Maypole tip - sun, gold-plated

    The most important symbol, which is the sun, shouldn’t be missing on any maypole. Everything that grows on mother Earth (female) is only made possible by the fertilising sun (male). The sun should receive a befitting beautiful position. Sun, gold-plated with 23 carat gold. Diameter 50 cm, price 550,- € including tax. Order sun here

    Draft of a maypole plaque

    Maypole plaque design

    Maypole plaque Aluminium, handpainted

    Maypole plaque shooting club

    Traditional costume couple - model for maypole figurine

    Traditional costume couple Geltendorf

    Maypole plaque - coloured design

    Maypole plaque Traditional costume couple

    Maypole plaque - Farmers

    Maypole plaque Famers

    Maypole plaque - Soccer club

    Maypole plaque Soccer club

    Guild plaque - Smith

    Maypole plaques - Smith

    Maypole plaque - municipal crest

    Maypole plaque - municipal crest

    Maypole plaque - Church

    Maypole plaques - Church

    Maypole plaque - cutting-out with state-of-the-art laser technology

    Maypole plaque Laser technology

    hand-carved and handpainted maypole figurines in Seeon, example Traditional Costume Association

    Maypole figurines - Dance in traditional costume

    Maypole figurine "Farming"

    Maypole figurines Farmer

    Maypole plaque - Hunting

    Maypole figurines Forester

    Maypole plaque - Smith

    Smith Maypole figurines

    Maypole plaque - Mason

    Maypole figurines Mason

    Maypole plaque - Baker

    Maypole figurines Baker

    Maypole plaque - Band

    Maypole figurines Wind musicians

    Maypole plaque - Wind musicians

    Maypole figurines

    Maypole figurine - Butcher

    Maypole figurines Pig

    Maypole figurine - Bakery

    Baking ofen maypole figurine

    Painted maypole plaques

    Painted maypole figurines